To whom may be interested:

Harry from North Boambee Tree Services has quite an amount of different timbers available which he would like to sell.

Among those timbers is Red Cedar, Rosewood etc.

He also has a Jointer for sale.

For enquiries please ring Harry on 0419 555 327



Hi All

Brian Burns has asked me to send out some infor in regards to some timber for sale. Please see attached photos. Cameron hassome red cedar slabls for sale he is asking $150 for the small dry piece and $250 for the larger one. This one is about 18ft long the width can be seen by expanding the photo to read the tape, Camerons phone number is 0487029210. He also has some other lengths of red cedar for sale so please feel free to contact him if you have any interest.



Ken Cowden has some very good timbers for sale, Please look at this Website address for photos.

 Or Contact  Ken:

356 Hawksbury Road   

Anstead / Brisbane, QLD, 4070                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Ph 0429 488 380  or email Ken at